Projects in Central London

Bankside Open Spaces Trust

Green spaces in and around Southwark, SE1

An environmental and volunteering charity working to protect, preserve and enhance parks and gardens.

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

A community garden in Lambeth, SE24

Based in the centre of Lambeth’s Brockwell Park, the site includes an orchard, various gardens and greenhouses.

Calthorpe Community Garden

A community garden in Camden, WC1X

Located by Kings Cross, this community garden is open to visitors and offers a range of activities and volunteer opportunities.

Culpeper Community Garden

A community garden in Islington, N1

A public open space doubling as both a city park and an environmental community project.

D’Eynsford TMO Secret Garden

A community garden in Southwark, SE5

A small area of derelict land transformed into a ‘Secret’ community garden for volunteers.

Freightliners Farm

A city farm in Islington, WC1X

A 2.5 acre urban farm within the borough of Islington, providing opportunities in farming and gardening.

Glengall Wharf Garden

A community garden in Peckham, SE15

A peaceful oasis at the east side of Burgess Park, managed by and for local people using sustainable growing and permaculture.

Kentish Town City Farm

A city farm in Camden, NW5

A 4 acre inner city farm alongside the railway lines within the borough of Camden. Home to a variety of animals, community gardens and a riding arena.

Phoenix Garden

A community garden in Camden, WC2H

This former WW2 bombsite converted into a community garden and opened to public in the 1984.

Positively UK

A community project delivered in Camden, WC1X

A project run in partnership with Calthorpe Community Garden, YMCA and The Food Chain working with HIV Positive adults.

Putting Down Roots

A gardening project in Southwark, SE1

A gardening project with St Mungo’s for those who are currently homeless, at risk of becoming or have been.

Sunnyside Community Garden

A community garden in Islington, N19

A back garden for local people formed in 1977. The gardens have a long history of providing therapeutic horticulture.

Surrey Docks Farm

A city farm in Southwark, SE16

A 2 acre working farm on the south bank of the River Thames. The farm breeds and rears a variety of livestock.

Vauxhall City Farm

An inner city farm in Lambeth, SE11

The most central of the city farms in London, this 1.5 acre site is home to a variety of animals and a community garden.

Walworth Garden

A community garden in Southwark, SE17

Founded in 1987, the award-winning garden was created from a reclaimed derelict street corner. The gardens are a training hub for vulnerable adults.

World Peace Garden

A community garden in Camden, NW3

A charitable project to promote peace by challenging the way we look at the world with their garden work.

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