Photography Competition 2022

Last year our Digital Harvest Festival had over 150 entries of photos and videos from projects all over London – we’d love to see more from you again! We have over 20 categories, covering all sorts of topics from our projects.

You may enter one photo per person per category, projects may have multiple entries. In order to submit an entry please download a form from here and follow the instructions to send in images via email.

The deadline for all entries is midnight 4th September 2021. Please note that entries received after this time, or submitted without a form will not be considered. We are delighted that once again the lovely people at the Worshipful Company of Farmers are judging the competition for us.

BREAKING NEWS: Aug 31, 2021: Long time supporters of the London Harvest Festival METROPOLITAN PUBLIC GARDENS ASSOCIATION will be awarding two £50 “Grand Prix” prizes for best photographs.

Competition Categories


1) Food Bank Focus

Share a photo of your work to support local people to access fresh food for free.

2) Community Growing

Share a photo of your working parties / volunteer days or socials that helped people overcome isolation during the last year

Farm animals

3) Farm animal that looks most like the handler

Fancy dress actively encouraged!

4) Best goat beard

Do your goats sport some fine beards? Or a goatee, if you would? Could it contend for the finest (goat) beard in London!

5) Best working farm cat or dog

Let’s not forget about those highly valued four legged work colleagues

6a) Handling Videos

One minute video of a young farmer age 8-16 handling one of these animal; pig, rabbit, horse, donkey or cow. The young person should introduce the animal and share three factors about the animal’s diet and care.

6b) Amazing Animal Video

Can your horses count? Can the pig sing? Send a video of your farm animal showing off their talent.

Wildlife from your project

7) Perfect Pollinators

Send us your photos of hoverflies, bees, wasps, pollen beetles and moths in action.

8) Pondlife

If you have a pond on your project, showcase what wildlife you’ve attracted!

9) Wonderful Wildlife

Share with us some of the wonderful wildlife that your project has attracted, both large and small.

Fruit, Veg & Flowers

10) Heaviest pumpkin

Send us a photo of the heaviest pumpkin being weighed

11) Tallest sunflower competitions

Sow your seeds now and measure (honestly!) in very early September.

12) Vegetable and fruit cornucopia

A prize for the most beautiful display of a mixture of vegetables and/or fruit. Take your time and go to town!

13) Small garden growing outdoors

Show a picture of what you can achieve in a small outdoor space.

14) Best indoor pot plant

A great example of your plant, whatever it is.

15) Best full-size bouquet of London grown flowers

Biggest, or most colourful, or most sophisticated – show it off!

16) Best bouquet of tiny flowers/plants

Under the height of a pencil

Art & Design

17) Mini-garden

This is a creative project to make a model of a garden in a seed tray, planted and landscaped to resemble a full-sized garden in miniature. Previous entries have included water features, graffitied walls, small plants that look like trees, fences, benches and garden gates. Your imagination and creativity is the limit!

18) Quirky container

Quirkiest container where foot, flowers or other plants are actively growing.

19) Best vegetable sculpture

With the medium of veg and a little artistic license, show off what you can make!

20) Best portrait of a city farm animal

Create a piece of art using any medium and send us a photo.

21) Best photo of a London farm or garden

Send us a photo to show off a project close to your heart

22) Best photo portrait of a farm or garden volunteer or member of staff

Our member projects wouldn’t exist without the hard work of their staff and volunteers, show us your photos celebrating them

23) Best recipe – with photos!

Show off recipes inspired by your produce; send us a photo of the end product with the recipe too.

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