London Harvest Festival

Since 1998, we have come together every September at the London Harvest Festival, a livestock, horticulture and home produce show for London’s City Farms and Community Gardens.

The Festival is a fun celebration of our organisations’ work, and also a chance for people to meet up and develop the personal bonds that help make us effective advocates for green spaces in the Capital.

The 2022 London Harvest Festival will be held
at Lambourne End Centre on 24 September

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2021 Festival
at Lambourne End Centre

We had a beautiful day for the 23rd annual London Harvest Festival. Over 150 people of all ages came together to celebrate city farming and community gardens. We had goats, guinea pigs, giant pumpkins, mini-gardens, archery, friendly competition, old friends meeting by the campfire, and little helpers handing out rosettes.

It was an enormous team effort! Thank you to:

Our Hosts: Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning

Aimee Robertson – Lambourne End Centre
Amber Alferoff – Social Farms & Gardens
Cathy Maund – Hammersmith Community Gardens Association
Claire Probets – Kentish Town City Farm
Luke Killworth – Lambourne End Centre
Mel Chamberlain – Kentish Town City Farm
Rachel Schwartz – London City Farms & Community Gardens Association

David Bolton – Worshipful Company of Farmers
Jenny Bettenson – Spitalfields City Farm
Jodie Jones – Metropolitan Public Gardens Assoc.
John Langan (ret.) – Kentish Town City Farm
Karen Mercer – Worshipful Company of Farmers
Klara Saville – The Brooke
Mark Patterson – Api:Cultural
Meg Wilson – Capel Manor College
Richard Choksey – Social Farms & Gardens

Jules Mogilner – Lambourne End
Vic Hobson – Mudlarks

Photography and Website
Alice Cheetham – volunteer
Joe Smith – Lambourne End
Peter Hamlen – volunteer
Rachel Schwartz – London City Farms & Community Gardens Association

Show Runners
Alice Cheetham – London Wetlands Centre
Maddy King – Volunteer

And a great big harvest THANK YOU to our funders!

The National Lottery- Awards for All England

Metropolitan Public Gardens Association

City Bridge Trust
which funds the  London Learning and Development Team of Social Farms & Gardens