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Did you know there are thirteen city farms in London? You can meet an Alpaca in Lambeth, or say hello to some sheep in Tower Hamlets. London’s City Farms and Community Gardens are also green spaces that provide micro-habitats for wildlife including frogs, newts and birds.

Spitalfields City Farm

A whirlwind tour of Spitalfields City Farm, just off Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets, see the sights, including chickens, ever popular donkeys, rare breed sheep and the Coriander Club, a gardening group growing delicious Bengali vegetables.

Sited on a former railway goods depot, the farm was started in 1978 in response to local people’s wishes to convert wasteland into allotments, having lost theirs to developers. With a long tradition in the East End of backyard farming, it wasn’t long before chickens, rabbits and geese appeared on the scene!

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Kentish Town City Farm

People of Kentish Town City Farm share what they love about their farm, and ambitions for the future. Run with donkeys, cuddle chickens, meet trainee vets and harvest grapes, ropsehips, sunflower seeds and corn alongside education expert Chris Heath and local kids (human ones!).

Kentish Town is in the Borough of Camden and if you happen to be catching the London Overground between Kentish Town West and Camden Road, keep an eye out and you might spot some of the farm residents!

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Newham City Farm

Cosy up with the alpacas, ponies, chickens, cats, cows, pigs and ferrets of Newham City Farm. Find out about their volunteering scheme, young farmers, care farming, corporate days and more. Newham City Farm opened in 1977 and is London’s only farm managed by a local council. Thank you London Borough of Newham!

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Newham City Farm preparing for the London Harvest Festival 2019

Our Harvest Festival tends to happen in a field rather than online; check out Newham City Farmers preparing and practicing their skills at animal showing for the big day! This film was made as they prepared for the 2019 show at Woodlands Farm Trust.

Tacking up a horse at Newham City Farm

How to get ready for riding, with brilliantly dramatic music!

Freightliners City Farm

Young farmers and manager Liz McAllister explain the vital importance of this beautiful two acre farm in Islington, London’s most densely populated borough. The farm is home to rare breed sheep and cows, three kune kune pigs, chickens, rabbits, noisy geese, a cockerel, bees and dozens of apples.

Freightliners got it’s name from it’s original site; they used to be based in Kings Cross, hence the train theme!

This film was made by Katy McGahan, and you can find more about the farm at

Vauxhall City Farm

Staff and volunteers tell us about their daily routine at Vauxhall City Farm in Lambeth. Vauxhall City Farm is a stones throw away from the Thames, just across the river from Big Ben and in the shadow of MI6!

These videos were produced as part of Vauxhall City Farms new Vauxhall City Farm TV, a new media project to engage local Lambeth people, especially young children who might be keen to learn more about the animals living at the farm and how to care for them.

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Stepney City Farm

Farmyard Manager Tom Goody explains how he was able to fulfil his dreams of becoming a farmer thanks to Stepney City Farm, and how local Bangladeshi Londoners can grow their favourite veg at this farm, sandwiched between schools in Stepney Green, Tower Hamlets.

If you didn’t need more incentive, there’s also tiny goats!

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Mudchute Park and Farm – Rare Breeds

Tom Davis, Farm Manager at Mudchute Park and Farm in the hear of East London, talks us through the importance of rare breeds, whilst surrounded by said rare breeds!

Mudchute Park and Farm is located in the middle of Isle of Dogs, a green oasis against the backdrop of Canary Wharf. It was originally a piece of derelict land, in 1977 the Mudchute association was formed to preserve the area and farm animals and horses were introduced – now there’s plenty more!

You can find more information about their work online at

Froglife Film – London’s Amphibians

Froglife know every city farm in London by their ponds!

Froglife are a national wildlife conservation charity, who work closely with several farms and gardens in London. As you can guess from the name, they focus on helping the UK’s amphibian and reptiles species!

Even if you don’t have much space, Froglife have got some great information and advice on how to attract wildlife to your garden or greenspace.

You can find them online at

Woodlands Farm – London Harvest Festival 2018 in Greenwich

All the fun of the festival! A flavour of what it’s like when the festival is in full swing.

Though this year our Harvest Festival might be running a little more from computers and desks, in 2018 we were at the Woodlands Farm Trust, London’s largest farm, where flocks of sheep live on Shooters Hill – the highest hill until Paris.

Woodlands Farm Trust has a long history and is home to a huge number of animals, you can find them online at

Tadpoles Nursery School Garden

Enjoy the garden at this Chelsea school, featuring frogs, newts and a resident tortoise and rabbit, as well as a hatchery!

Robin song in the World Peace Garden by Hampstead Heath Railway Station

And something calming to finish with, a beautiful robin singing his heart out in the World Peace Garden in Camden!

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