Board of Trustees

Current Board

Rob Gayler: CEO of Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning, Rob was a founding Trustee in 2007.

Gemma Hooper: Farm Manager of Surrey Docks Farm, Gemma joined the board in 2021. Gemma is also a Trustee of Social Farms & Gardens.

Cathy Maund: Director of Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, Cathy was a founding Trustee in 2007. Cathy is also our Treasurer.

Liz McAllister: Director of Freightliners City Farm. Liz was a founding Trustee in 2007.

Nemone Mercer: Director of Core Landscapes. Nemone was a founding Trustee in 2007.

Chris Pounds: Farm Manager of Hackney City Farm. Chris was a founding Trustee in 2007.

Dave Walters: Former Director of Hackney City Farm, and a founding management member of the National Federation of City Farms (now Social Farms & Gardens). Dave was a founding Trustee in 2007.

Company Secretary: Rachel Schwartz, appointed 2020.

Join Us!

We welcome applications to join our Board of Trustees from current and former staff, trustees, volunteers and beneficiaries of member projects. We hope that having worked with us on one of our projects you are interested in taking on additional responsibility for the budgeting and governance of the Association.

Process of Trustee Recruitment

Step 1.  Informal conversation between prospective Trustee and 2 current Trustees. (Via zoom or in person)

Step 2.  Prospective Trustee to complete Application form (download below)

Step 3.  Application form will be reviewed by recruitment committee members.  The committee may ask the applicant to participate in a formal interview.  The committee will usually ask the applicant to attend one or two meetings prior to voting on their admittance.

Step 4.  The recruitment committee will put forward a recommendation to the entire board regarding the applicant’s suitability.  The Board will vote.

Step 5.  The new Trustees will be put forward for final approval at the following AGM.

  • The applicant can demonstrate active involvement with LCFCGA in the previous year e.g attending LCFCGA meetings, taking part in the harvest festival or other member projects events, volunteering on a member project
  • The applicant can demonstrate a clear understanding of the work members projects undertake and common issues experienced by them
  • The applicant is directly involved with a member project

Get in Touch

As a membership charity, we are always driven by the needs of our members. If you are not able to take on the responsibility of becoming a Trustee, but want to make sure your voice is heard, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!

email: or talk to one of our Trustees in confidence