About Us

The London City Farms and Community Gardens Association is a membership organisation for charitable farms and gardens serving London communities and residents. We are a mutual benefit charity with no paid staff.

Our Aims
  • Provide mutual support to achieve best practices in charity management
  • Celebrate British agricultural heritage
  • Promote environmental conservation and bio-diversity
  • Raise awareness of the important social welfare work of our members
  • Build a community of green space activists
  • Fundraise for our members
  • Produce the annual London Harvest Festival
Our Projects

Celebration of London’s City Farms

We are working collaboratively with the 12 London City Farms on a fundraising campaign to support their unique work. Read more about the special role that City Farms play in the life of the capital.

The annual London Harvest Festival

Every year we produce the annual London Harvest Festival, jointly run by 30 charitable farms and gardens. Read more about the London Harvest Festival

Our Beneficiaries

Over 500,000 people each year benefit from the direct service of our member organisations. Beneficiaries range from young children to the eldest seniors. London’s farms and gardens offer hands-on opportunities to grow food, care for animals, and improve the environment we all share. Volunteers and visitors have improved well-being from time spent at these projects, and whole communities benefit from well-kept open green spaces in the heart of the city.

Our Governance

The London City Farms and Community Gardens Association is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, incorporated in May 2007. We have 7 Trustees and a Company Secretary, all of whom provide their time and services on a volunteer basis. The Board of Trustees acts as our Management Committee.

We are an independent charity, answerable only to our membership. We have a close working relationship with Social Farms & Gardens, the national organization supporting hundreds of City Farms, Care Farms, and Community Gardens across the UK.

To contact our Trustees please email: londoncfcg@gmail.com