Welcome to the London City Farms & Community Gardens Association

We are a membership charity open to members of Social Farms & Gardens based in and near London, who serve London communities. We are a mutual benefit organization with no paid staff.

Our aims

  • Celebrating British agricultural heritage
  • Showcasing young farmers and their hard work
  • Raising awareness of city farms and community gardens, and all the wonderful things they do!
  • Mutual support to achieve best practice in charity management.
  • Fundraise for our members

We deliver these aims by regularly working and communicating with each other. Our major programme is the annual London Harvest Festival, jointly run by 30 London-based charitable farms and gardens. The festival showcases and celebrates their work, rewards and inspires volunteers, and helps to build a pan-London community of green space advocates.  The show successfully brings together Londoners from different boroughs, backgrounds and interests, and engages them to increase their understanding and appreciation of Britain’s agricultural heritage.

Who benefits from our work?

Over 600,000 people each year benefit from the direct service of our members. Member project beneficiaries range from young children to the eldest seniors; providing educational and competitive opportunities for all! Our city’s young farmers also have the opportunity to showcase their hard work through horticultural and animal show competitions. These young people, who would otherwise not have an opportunity like this because of their urban location, improve their self-confidence and make connections with their peers who have similar interests.